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Rate My Team Rules

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Rate My Team Rules

Post  Red The BloodEdge on Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:18 am

Many RMT forums of small Pokemon websites tend to contain RMTs that are incomplete, difficult to read, or just plain boring to look at. They also receive various amounts of unhelpful spam with little to no constructive criticism. These rules will attempt to shed some light on how things should be around here in the RMT forum. Please note: FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN YOUR THREAD BEING LOCKED.

Basic RMT Rules

1.) Provide a description of each Pokemon in your team. Do not just simply c/p the importable and call it a day. If you don't put effort into explaining yourself, why should raters put effort into even reading it? Please don't post simple things like "Standard, self-explanatory" Or, "This set is a 6-0 machine, nuff said!!". Include things such as what roles it plays, how it ended up in your team, other things you have thought of replacing it with, etc.

2.) Do not make your RMT boring or annoying to read. Try to have a clean and organized format throughout your RMT. Adding unnecessary fonts and colors does not make your RMT look better whatsoever. One word of advice: It helps to add pictures of each Pokemon, just don't go overboard.

3.) This is Rate My Team, NOT Build My Team. We are here to give advice on fully complete teams. Posts such as "I have all but one of my Pokemon decided. I just need one more Pokemon to finish it, anyone have suggestions?" On the same note, please post complete teams, we don't want them half-finished.

4.) Please have a decent knowledge of the metagame before making an RMT or rating. We can not help you if you are completely new to competitive battling and post your in-game team. This is expected for everyone, raters and makers alike. If your skill level isn't high enough to the point where you are suggesting a Beedrill for an OU team, please refrain from posting. Moderators can tell, please do us all a favor!!

5.) If you cant take criticism, this is not the place for you. Remember that the whole point of the rmt forum is to receive constructive criticism from raters. If you take things too personally or just get offended when people are giving you advice, please do not bother making an rmt. On a side note to team raters, give constructive criticism or helpful advice. Do not make posts such as "lol you get swept by Gyarados easy, u suk!".

6.) All teams posted are expected to follow Standard Smogon Rules. If it follows a different ruleset, please make sure to state the rules in the OP.

7.) All teams should be somewhat competitive. Do not post gimmick or in-game teams. Monotype and other teams of the sort are accepted as long as they appear to be competent in the metagame.

8.) Test your team to some degree before posting it up for rates. Nothing is more annoying to raters than someone posting a complete trash team with obvious flaws. No team is expected to be perfect, but the RMT forum is the place where you go to after you are certain that you have done everything in your power to stamp out all of the flaws.

9.) Do not post too many teams over a small period of time. A good time frame to follow for posting teams is every couple of weeks or so. Do not post a new team everyday.

10.) This is optional, but you may want to include what tier your team is built for. Some raters only rate certain types of teams, and doing this will help them identify them quickly.

If you break any of these rules, your RMT will most likely be locked. We don't delete RMTs around here, so just PM the moderator that locked your thread with the changes and they will unlock it.

Well that is it for me. Expect a guide on how to rate teams in the near future. If any other moderators want to add anything, feel free to do so. Just make sure you change the last day you updated it in the title
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