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Water Type Gym Rules

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Water Type Gym Rules

Post  Archer Skye on Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:41 am

What's up guy's? My name is Archer skye, Archer or Dave, what ever you prefer

Here are all the rules for my gym

I'm open to all challenger's, so you wont need any previous battles, ranking's or gym badges to go up against me.

Standard Smogon rules apply and they are
-Moody Clause
-Evasion Clause
-Sleep Clause
-Species Clause
-OHKO move Clause
-No Ubers

For full details, check out Smogon's website.

Other rules

>I'll be using a permanent weather starter, so feel free to bring any weather you want. You cannot bring a Pokemon with Swift Swim on your team as I'll be using permanent rain. Drought and Chlorophyll is also a banned combination.

>You are only allowed to have 2 Pokemon of the same type in your team.

Bright Power and Scope Lens are banned. You are only allowed 2 of the same item on your team

-Rage Quitting
>if you rage quit from the battle, you will not be allowed to challenge me again. I know the connection cuts out sometimes, happens to us all. If you don't want to carry the battle on, quit the match properly.

Don't use any Pokemon on your team with illegal abilities or move sets, things like No Guard Spiritomb, Volt Absorb Gyarados or a Chrizard that knows Hydro Pump. Anything like this will result in an instant disqualification and you will be blackballed from my gym. Ghetsis will also be informed

If you loose to my gym team 3 times you will have to win another badge from another gym to challenge me again. This is just to make sure the battles stay fresh and to give my opponents more thinking time between challenges

Make sure you are well acquainted with all the rules and check your team before we battle

And that about raps it up for my rules. Most importantly, just enjoy the match

GL and HF

Archer Skye

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