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My Gym Badges

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My Gym Badges

Post  Buho on Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:47 pm

-Water Badge won from Archerskye on 8/23/12 : Outcome 4-0, Archerskye had a killer team that nearly drowned my pokemon in his ever-present rain, but thankfully my Rhyperior hung in there and was able to muscle his way through the viscious water pokemon Archerskye was packin. Thank you Rhyperior.

-Dark Badge won from G-Funk on 8/26/12 : Outcome 2-0, After losing to G-Funk's Gym team 4 times i can't believe i finally won and got the gym badge. I think G-Funk is one of our best battlers and definitely better than me. I owe my win to hax...but a win is a win

-Dragon Badge won from cam master on 8/29/12 : Outcome 4-0, I don't think i have ever been more intimidated by the sheer force of a team before, Dragonite, Garchomp, Salamence, and Flygon were the power base of his team, and only through the courage and bravery of my own Pokemon was i able to walk away with another Gym badge. Stay Strong cam master.

-Ghost Badge won from Ghetsis on 9/3/12 : Outcome 5-0, Lucky for me i already knew Ghetsis' team (Having already challenged his gym before and lost...badly x_x) i actually came prepared this time. I came into that Gym vs. Gym battle with the knowledge and confidence needed to stand my ground against his terrifying spirits. With ghost coming at me left and right i was just lucky my Darmanitan was there to pull me out of trouble. The curses laid on me during that battle still haunt me to this day...

-Psychic Badge won from harumi on 9/4/12 Outcome : 2-0, This is a battle i spent on the edge of my seat, the match was one of the closest yet, but i would expect nothing less from harumi, easily one of the best battlers in team plasma even when out of practice. Luckily for me my Scizor was able to get off a few swords dance at the very end, it was Scizor against the world but he didn't flinch even for a second even in the face of sure defeat and personally defeated 3 of harumi's telekinetic titans.

-Electric Badge won from Jakk Vermillion on 9/6/12 Outome : Well first leme explain...The last time i challenged Jakk's gym i only picked 2 of my 6 pokemon, twice in a row x_x. So when i made my challenge this time who would have guessed i would only pick 2 of my 6 -___- But that turned out to be ok, My Haxorus and Smeargle were just barely able to defeat Jakk's team thanks to a combination of Sleep clause violation and Mold breaker ^-^ Me and Jakk rematched and Jakk only picked 2 pokemon -__- if you think we did it on purpose...you would be wrong, but i picked all six and was able to beat him with only the death of my Haxorus so Jakk decided to just go ahead and give me the badge. It wasn't fun. It wasn't pretty. But it was a win ;]

-Poison Badge won from bluntedartis on 9/8/12 Outcome: 3-0 (I think) Another day, another badge as my old man used to say. Blunt's team was really good, his Gengar wiped the floor with me multiple times while i was helping him test his team, and he puts his Nidoking to very good use scoring a few ko's. But when it came right down to it all those times he asked me to help him test only ended up sealing his fate ^_- I knew all of his tricks goin in to his gym that day, there WERE no aces up his sleeve!

-Fighting Badge won from iTeNnYsOn on 9/9/12 Outcome: 1-0 I am honestly going to say that Tenny easily has the strongest, toughest, and meanest gym team in Team Plasma, even stronger than Funk! And he knows how to use it x_x Sure i won the badge but my team had to limp out of there, bruised and bloodied from his merciless gang of the most frighteningly powerful fighting pokemon i have ever seen, honestly i'm just glad i made it out of there alive...

-Mixed Badge won from b-man101 on 9/11/12 Outcome: 2-0 This team didn't have the Power of Tenny's fighters or the ferocity of cam's dragons, but it more than made up for it in diversity and skillfulness. Each of his moves were precise and meaningfull, when he attacked something, it died. It was like playing a chess master, he though 3 moves ahead, all the while moving with a cool demeanor. The only reason i won, was because he missed his last attack and i didn't, and that's the cold hard truth. I won, because he missed...well whoever said hax was fair =D


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