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Team Ranks

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Team Ranks

Post  Ghetsis on Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:47 pm

Team Ranks

Leader: N

Team Plasma King:

Team Plasma Queen:

Team Plasma Prince: Tsunanba

Team Plasma Princess: harumi

Knights: Ghetsis

Royal Advisors: Red The BloodEdge, and Buho

Seven Sages: Ghetsis


Lieutenants: Gold , G-Funk, and iTeNnYsOn

1st Officers: b-man101, beasthaxorus, WeDontCare, Silver

2nd Officers: casca90, EmeraldMaster, EonBlitz47, GeorgeSeven, elementZ, and Z

1st Commanders: Jakk Vermillion, Shadow, lordhellmuth, DARKpulse100, Silent,97, jet23, Loco26, Jirachiii, dnite, and Asrender1

2nd Commanders: Taiga, XxElixX, Archerskye, skyler101, jbb2015, Xenhan, Loco, Montel,bluntedartis, sezs, Fille, BIWLYDAIP, and Nuhmbers

3rd Commanders: Matt, NoOdLe:p, blackjack212, smart2600, and Of~Machines

Grunt Major: Master Speed, cam master, tonycool1997, G0LD3N., Piloswine, wouldliketobeN, Crispy_Star, SoaR, Soul Thirst, Tiago, and ~:Tunco:~

Grunt Minor: ToasterAttack, and Kallanne

All members who's names are in italics are either in need of re-evaluation or have been away or are gone. If your name is in italics please get re-evaled by either Buho or EonBlitz47 A.S.A.P. Thank you.

League Staff

League Manager and Tester: Red The BloodEdge

League Testers: iTeNnYsOn, b-man101, and Xenhan


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